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Back pain

Back pain

Back pain

  • Life Cover, Critical Illness and TPD –  HSBC will either offer standard rate decisions or be unable to provide a quote.

This assumes that there is no underlying disease or condition for the back pain, such as arthritis, scoliosis, among others. This specific to no known cause, wear and tear or degenerative changes, or a disc problem.

There are some rules that apply across all applicants with back pain – that would not result in HSBC being able to offer Life Cover, Critical Illness or TPD at the current time. Such as:

  • Pending surgery
  • Suffering continuous symptoms for TPD.

If the applicant is able to confirm no to all of the above the outcome will then depend on their planned and previous treatment along with frequency of symptoms. Occupation type is relevant for TPD.

This is a general guide and is not a guarantee of acceptance.

ExampleScenario (Assumes BMI within normal limits, no to all other questions not specified and within maximum for sum assured and age limits)Life CoverCritical Illness CoverTPD Cover
1Back pain started 5 years ago; no underlying cause; no surgery required or pending; not undergoing any hospital or specialist review; single episode; last time had symptoms and treatment required was 4.5 years ago; symptoms less than a month; no time off work.StandardStandardStandard
2Back pain cause – degenerative disc disease; undergoing review with hospital or specialist; first saw GP 3 years ago; has no bowel or bladder problems and does not to use aids for walking.StandardStandardTerms wouldn’t be offered
3Back pain cause is scoliosis; no associated symptoms; persistent pain, limited range of activities, use of aids to assist mobility.Terms wouldn’t be offered
Terms wouldn’t be offered
Terms wouldn’t be offered