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If you’re struggling to pay your Life Cover monthly premiums because of coronavirus, help is available. Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information. Alternatively, please contact our HSBC Life Protection Plan Support team at or 0333 207 5563 to find out more.

Mental health

Mental health

  • Life cover –  Quotes are possible with increased premiums or we may not be able to provide a quote 
  • Critical Illness and TPD –  HSBC Life will either offer standard rate decisions or be unable to quote. 

Mental health is a complex set of conditions and/or symptoms ranging from stress, anxiety and depression; PTSD; eating disorders; bereavement, phobias etc.

There are some rules that apply across all the differing conditions and symptoms – that would result in HSBC Life not being able to offer Life, Critical Illness or TPD cover at the current time. Such as:

  • Conditions that tend to require specialist treatment or support, such as personality disorders, schizophrenia, hallucinations, bi-polar disorder, eating disorders – this list is not exhaustive
  • If the customer has a history of thoughts or attempts of self harm and/or taking their own life
  • If there is a history of inpatient treatment, drug or alcohol abuse.

If the applicant is able to confirm no to all of the above, then outcome will then depend on their treatment, time since diagnosis, any ongoing symptoms, time off work etc.

This is a general guide and is not a guarantee of acceptance.

ExampleScenario (assumes BMI within normal limits, no to all other questions not specified and within maximum for sum assured and age limits)Life CoverCritical Illness CoverTPD Cover
1Minor mental illness for which there has been no medication, treatment or time off work.StandardStandardStandard
2Moderate mental illness such as work stress or mild depression with no current symptoms or treatment.StandardStandardStandard
3Moderate mental illness such as work stress with current symptoms, single medication prescribed and under 40 days off work.Standard rates to +75% loadingStandard rates to Terms not being offeredTerms wouldn’t be offered
4Severe mental illness such as bipolar disorder or schizophrenia.Terms wouldn’t be offeredTerms wouldn’t be offeredTerms wouldn’t be offered