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Customer claims stories

Customer claims stories

Mrs P – a critical illness cover claim for breast cancer

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At the age of just 46 years old, my world imploded with the words “you have grade 2 breast cancer” after that statement I don’t remember much that day. My mother who was sat there as stunned as me, took in all the information.

However, the following week I realised I needed to focus on some practicalities, so I set about contacting the HSBC Life Department, to find out what I needed to do, as I had a few years earlier chosen to take out Critical Illness cover. I was put through to a claims adviser and my first question was “is it serious enough to make a claim?” silly I know, but the adviser was wonderful, very understanding and helpful.

She explained that yes it was serious enough to start the claim process, and explained how the process worked in detail. Everything was done via secure email and I could send in information to help the claim, like the diagnosis letter from the hospital.

The claims process was straightforward. Once the Life Department had the information they needed they assessed my claim, then contacted me to confirm that it was being paid out.

What it meant for me – I may have been on this “roller coaster” I couldn’t get off – of numerous hospital appointments, an operation, radiotherapy and then a slow recovery, BUT, I have been able to pay off my mortgage in full, pay off my personal loan too, and have some money left in the bank. All before they operated to remove my cancer.

I cannot stress what a difference having this policy made to me. My recovery was assisted greatly by it and the simple straightforward way the claim was processed, and that is thanks to the help from all the team at Life Department.

Case study sources – HSBC Life Claims team – Mrs P Policy paid Dec 2018

Mrs J – death claim at age 65

Mrs J, was aged 63 when she took out cover in 2020. She wanted to have some protection as her grandson (aged 9) was living with her and her husband, they had special guardianship for him.

She had never smoked, was average weight, had no serious medical problems and worked as a cook.

Sadly, Mrs J died in May 2022.

She had first seen her GP in July 2021 following some urinary symptoms for the previous few weeks. She had some tests and cancer was confirmed in September 2021.

A GP report was obtained to assess the claim, which confirmed no issues with the claim, no symptoms or health issues prior to 2021. By the time the cancer had been found, it was advanced and sadly the customer passed away in May 2022. The claim was paid, which has given the financial security she wanted to her husband and grandchild.

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