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HSBC Life Online Health Services

Access health and wellbeing support 24/7

HSBC Life Online Health Services

Access health and wellbeing support 24/7

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We’ve partnered with Square Health who can provide you with expert medical assistance and wellbeing support. Available to existing and new HSBC Life policyholders who apply via external distribution partners – benefits are accessible through the HSBC Life Online Health Services app.*

What does Online Health Services do for you?

About our partner, Square Health

Square Health was founded by practising doctors with more than 25 years of experience within the healthcare sector.

As a result, Square Health now provides expert medical services using the latest online technology.

The network includes over 5,000 UK-based medical professionals, including doctors and healthcare specialists. Full details can be found at

What services are available?

You can access all six services. Children up to age 16 are covered for the Remote GP, Prescription Services and Second Opinion services.

Real life Case Studies

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Case study 1 Second Opinion

Stephen, in his 50s, was diagnosed with a hiatus hernia and advised to take long term medication to reduce acid reflux. He was unhappy with this and requested a second opinion with Square Health.

While the diagnosis didn’t change, his condition was explained in greater detail. Stephen received advice about eating habits and other lifestyle changes. As a result, he can control his symptoms with a lower dose of the recommended medication – and has a better understanding of his condition.

Case study 2 Remote GP

Madison, age 33, had a swelling on her eyelid. Her GP had prescribed an antibiotic cream, but the lump had returned and was increasingly painful. Maddie sought an urgent remote consultation with a GP via Square Health.

The remote GP was concerned that the problem was more serious than a simple infection, and advised her to visit A&E. She went immediately, was seen by an ophthalmologist and successfully treated.

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*HSBC Life Online Health Services are not part of the insurance cover. We have the right to change or remove these services at any time. This won’t affect your insurance.