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The Three I’s of
Investable Capital Report

The Three I’s of
Investable Capital Report

2022 saw an unprecedented level of political and financial change. To equip our adviser partners with a better understanding of the impact of these changes, we have commissioned the Three I’s of Investable Capital Report. The main aim of our report is to review, in depth, the role investable capital plays in the fulfilment of financial plans. We asked Technical Connection to gather opinions from advisers and clients, as well as document the evolving capital investment landscape and their findings are contained within the report.

The topics covered include:

  • a wide range of investable capital
  • the available investment wrappers
  • the complexities of how capital investments are currently taxed
  • potential future tax treatment of capital investments
  • the role of capital growth and income from capital in satisfying established financial goals
  • how capital investments can be structured to achieve intergenerational and estate planning objectives
  • the role of initial and ongoing advice in ensuring an optimal outcome from the investment of capital
  • the established views of individual investors and their advisers on the challenges and opportunities created by the investment of capital

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