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If you’re struggling to pay your Life Cover monthly premiums because of coronavirus, help is available. Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information. Alternatively, please contact our HSBC Life Protection Plan Support team at or 0333 207 5563 to find out more.

Kidney stone

Kidney stone

  • Life Cover –  HSBC Life will offer standard rate decisions, increase to the premium or be unable to provide a quote (if associated with other conditions)
  • Critical Illness Cover & TPD – HSBC Life will either offer standard rate decisions or be unable to provide a quote.

There are some rules that apply across all applicants with a history of a kidney stone – that would result in HSBC Life being not able to offer Life Cover, Critical Illness Cover or TPD at the current time. Such as:

  • Any outstanding hospital referrals, reviews or investigations
  • Having only 1 kidney; the stone causing a blockage; being on dialysis.

This is a general guide and is not a guarantee of acceptance.

NB        TPD outcomes may differ based on occupation type

ExampleScenario (assumes BMI within normal limits, no to all other questions not specified and within maximum for sum assured and age limits)Life CoverCritical Illness CoverTPD Cover
1Kidney stone removed by surgery; made a full recovery; single episode.StandardStandardStandard
2Kidney stone passed naturally; 4 episodes in total; fully recovered; last symptoms 4 years ago.StandardStandardStandard
3Kidney stone still present; no treatment; 4 episodes in total; 1 kidney only affected.+25% loading
Terms wouldn’t be offered
Terms wouldn’t be offered
4Kidney stone removed by surgery; made a full recovery; 4 operations in total required.Terms wouldn’t be offeredTerms wouldn’t be offeredTerms wouldn’t be offered