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When is the right time to consider Life Protection?

When is the right time to consider Life Protection?

The answer to this question could be as simple as ‘whenever life events dictate’. Here’s a checklist: 

Buying your first home – to cover any outstanding repayments on your mortgage if you died unexpectedly or suffered a critical illness. 

You find a partner  you may have new commitments, joint finances and plans. How would they manage if you were gone or had a critical illness?  

Starting a family – more people depending on you, perhaps your partner doesn’t work, will you need a bigger property? 

Moving to a bigger property – a larger mortgage, perhaps a larger family? 

You start to think about your health – you may be healthy now, but what would happen if you became seriously ill? 

Your salary increases – you want to reflect the increases so your family could have a similar lifestyle should you die? 

You’re already part of a work life insurance scheme – this employee benefit is good, but is it enough to cover your dependants’ lifestyle if you are not around? 

You are self-employed – there’s no company based sick-pay or life cover. What if you died unexpectedly or suffered a critical illness? 

You approach retirement – life protection can continue after you finish working and into later life to cover funerals, debts and other expenses. 

You’re thinking about leaving assets to those you care about most – life insurance held in a Trust can play an important part in your estate planning. 

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